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CCB Mining was founded in late 2017 by a team of established businessmen, cyber security specialists, financial sector experts and crypto currency miners.

CCB operations based in Cyprus, Georgia and Switzerland is an IT services company with the expertise in delivering high-performance crypto-mining infrastructures and solutions to customers and clients. CCB completely takes care of the maintenance of the required hardware and software infrastructure for the generation of cryptographic currencies based on blockchain technology.

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Whether you're a student or a business owner - cloud mining is here for you, made easy.

We guide you, but you the one in control. Always.

We guide you through all the details, and you see all your earnings and transacitons.

Build an infrastructure.

We have some powerful options and flexible packages to choose from our catalogue.

Yes, it's reliable.

Hunderds of powerful mining rigs around the world decrypt valuable data. Be a part of revolution.

24/7 support for all customers.

We have 24/7 support service through our online chat system.

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Cryptocurrency mining is a very complex and technological process. Good news is, we and our partners have already done all the hard work for you. Simply choose your plan, pay for it and collect your freshly baked coins.


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We want to make the crypto-currency mining truly open, accessible, and profitable for anyone in the world. It’s our mission to decentralize mining and allow anyone to profitably be a part of the crypto-mining revolution, no matter their heritage, technical skills, age or financial background.
Currently we are mining the following crypto currencies • Bitcoin (BTC) • Ethereum (ETH) • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) • Litecoin (LTC)
Our Pro-Active Mining Algorithm scans the crypto-market and several block-chains to find the most profitable crypto-currency to mine.
CCB is based out of Nacosia Cyprus, Schindellegi Switzerland and Tbilisi Georgia.
Switzerland and Georgia are very safe, secure and stable crypto-nation, both in regards to the strict regulations and technical infrastructure. Both the countries has very favorable competitive prices on readily available renewable energy sources. Cyprus Favors Holding Companies, Financial Institutions , Investment Funds, IP companies, and value chain companies. These tax incentives reduce the cost of doing business in the country.
Currently, a minimum of USD 50/= is required to participate in the mining revolution. In the future, this amount will decrease as crypto-payments are enabled and therefore automatically handled – further reducing overhead.